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Strawbery & Milk Splash PSD
Multilayered PSD File | 2835x2127 Pixels | RAR size: 9 MB


Rockstar Productions - 30 Great PhotoShop Actions
30 PhotoShop Actions, *.atn | PNG Previews | 19 MB

Mauro Risch, Creative Photographer

127 HQ JPG Images | Up to 1600x1333 Pixels | 37 MB

Maurice de Vlaminck, French Painter (1876–1958)

Maurice de Vlaminck, French Painter (1876–1958)
375 HQ JPG Images | Up to 5587x4234 Pixels | 367 MB

  • Maurice de Vlaminck (4 April 1876 – 11 October 1958) was a French painter. Along with André Derain and Hеnri Matisse he is considered one of the principal figures in the Fauve movement, a group of modern artists who from 1904 to 1908 were united in their use of intense colour.

Laszlo Gulyas - Hungarian Artist 472xJPGs
László Gulyás - Hungarian Artist MUST HAVE!
472 UHQ JPG Images of Paintings | 3870x2580 Pixels | 670 MB

Konstantin Makovsky, Russian Painter (1839-1915)

Konstantin Makovsky (1839-1915) Russian Painter 
550 HQ JPG Images | Up to 8000x6776 Pixels | 476 MB

Ivan Aivazovsky, Armenian Painter of Sea 192xJPGs

Ivan Aivazovsky, Armenian Painter of Sea
178 UHQ & HQ JPG Paintings | Up to 7444x5811 Pixels | 161 MB

Born: July 29, 1817 in Feodosiya, Crimea | Died: May 5, 1900 (aged 82) at Feodosiya, Crimea

Nationality: Armenian Russian | Field: Painting, Drawing | Movement: Romanticism

Inga Veilande, A Special Designer in Latvia
Inga Veilande, A Special Designer in Latvia

220 JPG | 1200x1600 pixels | 101 MB 

  • She live in Latvia, in very beautiful place with wild nature. The forest and sea... The nature around her give much inspiration for works. All her life is about to making something with hands. Really handmade life! This is her second shop in Etsy. In the main shop you will find books, journals, albums from wood,fabric and leather.

Dima Dmitriev, Czech Artist 186xJPGs

Dima Dmitriev, Czech Artist (Born in Moskow)
186 Paintings in JPG Files | 2048x1536 Pixels | 53 MB
  • Dima Dmitriev was born in Moscow, Russia, and is the second generation of artists in his family. He moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where he graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. As his paintings gained attention and praise at fine art exhibitions throughout Europe, Dima became one of the most talked about young artists living in Prague’s flourishing artistic community. 
  • Dima is the artistic name of painter Dmitri Dmitriev. He was born in Moscow, Russia. Dima is a second generation painter. He graduated from the Prague Institute of Arts. In 90th, Dima began to show his paintings at various fine art exhibitions and soon become one of the most talked about young artists living in Prague. Dima has participated in exhibitions held in the Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Italy and Ireland. His paintings are in great demand and his worksis known to sell out, each exhibition. 
  • Dimas composition and style, although Impressionistic, seem to come alive and appear three dimensional. His works often include his three favorite subjects: children, nature and the sea. Dima works with oil on black canvas and paints with a palette knife. 
  • Some big international companies, for example, AT&T (USA), Vodafone (UK) or AWD Holding AG (Germany) have added his paintings to their art collections. As well as many private collectors from Czech Republic, USA, ,Spain, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar, Dominican Republic and others. 

1001 Paintings of Orientalists 1001xJPGs

1001 Paintings of Orientalists
About 160 authors represented in 1001 Orientalist Painting Reproductions
1001 JPG Images | Up to 3176x2524 Pixels | 611 MB

REUPLOAD! Motorcycles 25xCDR
25 *.CDR Vector Files | RAR size: 5 MB

FEV Illustrations 6 AI & CDR
6 AI & CDR Files | RAR size: 24 MB

Aurum Light Photo Artworks 2015 Calendar - Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Splash Heroes - 2015 Calendar - Aurum Light, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

12 HQ JPG Photos | 734x1100 Pixels | 7 MB

Decorative Frame Collection, 172xPNGs Transparent
Decorative Frame Collection
172 Transparent PNG Files | 4667x3474 Pixels | 733 MB

ImageToday - New Release III, 100xPSD

ImageToday - New Release III
100 Multilayered PSD Files | 5616x3744 Pixels | Compressed to 4.1 GB

iStockVideo - My dream lifestyle! Happiness, success, vacation, relaxation, joy, sky, heaven! HD1080
STOCK VIDEO: My dream lifestyle! Happiness, success, vacation, relaxation, joy, sky, heaven!
*.mov | 1440x1080 px @ 30 fps | 29.03 seconds | Source Codec HD: HDV 1080i60 | 87 MB[

4000 Motifs - Animal, Bird and Fish by GL Makkelem

Publisher: AST, Astrel | Year: 2008 | Pages: 384 

Format: jpg | Size: 157 mb 

Includes 4000 unique and original animal. 

It is a source of inspiration for artists, designers and craftsmen of all trades. 

Covers the main historical and regional styles - from Paleolithic cave drawings to the stylized images of Art Deco.

4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs.


  • In animal motifs found so many interesting shapes, textures, lines and colors. In this book you will find clear and precise illustrations to help you in creating your own works, as well as many of you will learn and become a source of inspiration.
  • All illustrations accurately convey the style and feeling that characterize the style to which they belong. You can not go on an exciting journey through time and explore the different historical styles of design, relating to the period of the Stone Age, ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Eurasia, Asia, Europe and the Americas, will get acquainted with the medieval and Islamic cultures. At the end of the journey will be presented to your attention of art of XX century.
  • In each chapter you will find pictures of animals, a distinct culture. This is very helpful to students, art historians, who want to know when it was first shown one or another animal.
  • This is a journey through time will also allow you to get acquainted with the inner world of artists and artisans, as carefully studying their work, you will be happy to learn about their desires and fantasies. Re-drawing one of the ancient ornaments, you are in a sense, revives the artist himself and become a part of his life. You create a connection to another time and place, and to do this in any other way is very difficult.
  • All the reasons presented in the book in black and white to make them up, hands or with the help of technology as simple and accurate. The survey provides detailed and easy to use index that not only help you to find images of specific animals, but also help you to find certain types of animals in their habitats or on the specifics of their behavior.

Old Time 1900-1920, Vintage Big Collage of Children Postcards

Old Time 1900-1920, Vintage Big Collage of Children Postcards

Old Time 1900-1920, Vintage Big Collage of Children Postcards

2 UHQ JPG Files | 7087x10630 Pixels | 89 MB

Adam Arthouros Martinakis [3D Artist]

Adam Arthouros Martinakis [3D Artist] Portfolio
184 HQ JPG Render Images | Up to 1200x1600 Pixels | 48 MB